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The ONUMA System is web-based Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool. It is the engine that drives the award-winning BIMStorms. It is used by architects, planners, engineers, builders, interior designers, and owners. Unleash the “i” of BIM by extending beyond the desktop capablities of BIM applications and jumping into the 21st century of web based cloud computing BIM.

Web-based system

  • The Onuma system is web-based (i.e. runs in a web browser) - You don't need to install any software!
  • The system has minimal hardware requirements

Simple and Powerful

  • Simple to use yet extremely powerful
  • Works from the individual room and furniture level all the way up multiple buildings, world level and portfolio management
  • Extremely small file sizes lets you get to your data in real time
  • A large building loads in seconds


  • Multi-user capability allows collaboration with your team, consultants and clients wherever you may be
  • Many levels of users, from BIM experts to non techies, can collaborate on the same project data
  •  Communicate through the BIM. Email gets reduced. Teams connect through the model.
  • Supports integrated project delivery


  • Rapid early planning
  • Project Program Development
  • Charrettes (BIMStorms)
  • Schematic Design
  • Connect to other BIM applications
  • Cost estimating
  • Energy Analysis
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Facility Management
    Portfolio and Program Management


  • Publish and provide access to your project to non-ONUMA System users
  • A simple URL link with or without a password gives access to the plans, reports and other data in real time.
  • As you change the design all the published data gets updated in real time


  • Can be used from early planning and through facility management
  • Subscription based, start and stop the license at any time


  • Is a Model Server storing the data rather than a file based storage system
  • An iPhone, iPad and Android version allows connections from Mobile Devices
  • Cloud computing based platform allows connections to other systems on the web in real time
  • Runs on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
  • Links to geographic information systems (GIS) such as Google Earth and ESRI
  • Uses open standards such as XML, BIM IFC, OGC, OSCRE, COBIE
  •  Import and export in many formats
    Links to other tools such as Revit, ArchiCad, Bentley, SketchUp, Ecotect, IES, Google Earth, ArcGIS and Excel.


  • Studio version allows for your own logo to be part of the UI
  • Web services allows you to create your own interface to the ONUMA System
  • Connect to your own database
  • Powerful “mash-up” capability